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If you are looking to compare tiling contractors (pricing and services), you’ve come to the right place because the majority of our PRO’s are accredited and some of the best in Gauteng!

These preferred tile contractors in Gauteng provide the full package when it comes to tiling including built-up bituminous and tiling for floors and walls.

Most of the PRO’s workmanship is carried out to comply with the relevant regulations and their tile installation pricing is competitive. Complete the form to compare their tiling prices and offers. And then simply choose the quote that works for you!

Completion certificates are also provided by most of the PRO’s in South Africa. Please check with the relevant PRO if they do comply with all of the abovementioned. It is your responsibility to do due diligence, we only connect you with tilers in Gauteng, and are not affiliated with them in any way.


Things to consider when looking for a PRO tile installer:

  • Check if they belong to a building association
  • Always ask for references
  • Read through their testimonials
  • Request photos & videos of their past work
  • Check how long many years they’ve been around
  • Type their business name into Google and scan the reviews
  • Do a check on HelloPeter


Advantages of installing tiles in your home or office:

  • No vacuum cleaner required
  • No need to replace carpets every few years
  • Easy and quick to clean with a mop and soap water
  • No worrying about red wine, cutex, etc stains
  • Easy for the new robot cleaners to clean on auto-pilot

Having that said, if your tiles are cracked or broken, ensure to get it fixed ASAP to prevent the dirt from building up and avoid creating living spaces for pests.

In the case of cracked or broken tiles, it is best to get into contact with a tiling specialist for professional advice. It may for instance be better to replace the tiles with new ones instead of trying to repair them.


Most PRO’s are highly experienced tiling contractors in Gauteng specializing in:

  • Commercial tiling (office, shopping centres,hotels etc)
  • Residential tiling (house, guest house, etc)
  • Industrial tiling (factory, warehouse)
  • Bathroom tiling
  • Kitchen tiling
  • Wall tiling
  • Floor tiling

No job is too big or small, they do it all – and at the best rates!

Let the Gauteng Tile PRO’s increase the value of your home and instantly beautify it. Get it done by specialist tiling contractors, it will save you time and even money in the long run because it will be done right the first time around.

Not all tiles are suitable for all surfaces. So don’t go out and order tiles before you have consulted with a tiling contractor. Call now for a FREE evaluation.

Quickly compare reliable tiler installers near you in Gauteng, give us a call, or complete the form and up to 4 PRO’s near you will be in contact ASAP! 

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Tile Services

✔ New Tile Installations

✔ Removing of Existing Tiles

✔ Repairing of Existing Tiles

✔ Floor and Wall Tiling

✔ Waterproofing of Shower Walls

✔ Inlays and Patterns

Types Of Tiles

✔ Ceramic
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✔ Marble
✔ Mosaic
✔ Granite
✔ Natural Stone
✔ Limestone

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